OSRS Splashing Guide


OSRS offers various methods to train your Magic skill, and one of such methods is quite popular among players, known as Splashing. This method includes the casting of combat spells with low magic accuracy. Even though the damage dealt is at a minimum or no damage at all, the method still offers experience. Before we get started, let’s discuss in brief the term Splashing and how it can be implemented.


Before you start Splashing osrs, you need to ensure that you’re wearing the necessary items that will bring your magic to -64. For instance, you can wear an armor set like Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, or Rune (Depending on your combat skills). Along with the set, you can equip Snakeskin Boots, Snakeskin Vambraces, and an elemental staff to reduce the unnecessary usage of runes while auto casting spells.

In any case, if you don’t have 40 Ranged – instead of using an Elemental Staff, you can choose to equip a Cursed Goblin Staff from Diango wandering around the town square in the Draynor Village. If you’re a member, you can choose to go for Granite Equipment with a different Plate Body. Now let’s get further into the Old School Runescape splashing guide.


Normally, Splashing is used against NPCs that aren’t able to deplete your HP, and that’s why most players prefer fighting against Seagulls and Rats. If you’re willing to go for Seagulls, you can find them at Port Piscarilius and Port Sarim, and Rats are basically everyone (Lumbridge). You can also choose to Splash on other monsters that you feel fit, however, these are the best options, because there are areas that offer zero experience if the Magic is too low to deal damage.

Rates & Strategies

The most initial stage in this osrs splashing guide is to figure out what rates each spell provides because there are certain spells that are quite useful than the others. For instance, you have the ability to use Wind Strike at level 1 with the help of Air and Mind runes. The rate of casting this spell is 8 coins, but it can be reduced using an Elemental Staff. Doing so will grant you about 6,600 Experiences per hour.

At a later stage, you can switch to better spells for osrs splash training, such as Fire Wave at level 75, granting 51,000 Experience per hour, Water Surge at level 85, granting 55,800 Experience per hour, Earth Surge at level 90, granting 58,200 Experience per hour, and Fire Surge at level 95, granting 60,600 Experience per hour.

Useful Information

If you’re not familiar, let me bring it to your notice that each game tick stands at 0.6 seconds, and when you’re using a magic combat spell, it takes a total of 5 ticks. So, if you look at the bigger picture, you are able to splash 1200 combat spells per hour, and the cost will depend entirely upon the spell you’re using (because you will have to purchase runes). In terms of Wind-Related spells, the cost of purchasing an Elemental Staff would be more than the air and other elemental runes required to get through the starting levels.

Ancient Magicks Splashing Technique

You can start with the Ancient Magicks Splashing osrs method from level 50 magic (Smoke Rush). It uses Chaos and Death runes, along with Air and Fire, and the base experience cast is 30, which will grant you a total of 36,000 Experience per hour. In terms of the other spells, the experience will increase as you gain higher levels. For instance, at level 80, you can use Blood Blitz, granting 54,000 Experience per hour, Ice Blitz at level 82, granting 55,200 Experience per hour, Smoke Barrage at level 86, granting 57,600 Experience per hour, Shadow Barrage at level 88, granting 58,800 Experience per hour, Blood Barrage at level 92, granting 60,000+ Experience per hour, and Ice Barrage at level 94, granting 62,400 Experience per hour.

Considering how many splashes it is going to take to reach level 99 Magic; Wind Strike will take 2,367,467 splashes, Fire Wave will take 317,135 splashes, Fire Surge will take 301,246 splashes, etc. The time will entirely depend upon how much you’re willing to offer to the game during your free hours.

World of Warcraft: Reasons to Buy the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion

Blizzard tends to love releasing new expansion packs to all of their games. In some genres, it seems as if the expansion packs really don’t add much, and they cost nearly as much as the regular game. But I would say that in the World of Warcraft, the expansion packs are definitely going to make a significant difference in your game play, as well as make the game MUCH more fun and fulfilling to the player in the long run.
With the newest expansion, The Wrath of the Lich King, a new class is unlocked. The Death Knight is a powerful class, however beware. On many realms, the death knight is extremely over populated. I plan on making a death knight soon, but I don’t like how many other death knights there are out there. Regardless, it’ll be fun to try something new. The expansion unlocks an entire new class you can have fun, and this can make the game much more fun.

Northrend is an entire new contienent. This is about the same size as the outlands, and will open many new questing opportunities. You’ll have a lot more exploring to do, a new major town, basically replacing shattrah, and the adventure continues. Grow your character to level 80 now out in this new world, and have a blast doing it. Your character is now going to be even more powerful than ever before.

There are also many new raids and instances in the expansion, which will give players excellent gear and some awesome fun while leveling their characters into the 70’s. There is also the newest tier 7 gear, which can be obtained by running 10 and 25 man raids, and you will become some of the most powerful characters in the game through the use of this extremely powerful gear.

Professions are also now much better, you can get your maximum level to 450 now, and you’ll be able to craft and gather many more materials and gear. It will definitely give you something to do, and will be a great way to get you back into having fun and getting money through the use of your professions.

The new expansion pack is 40 dollars currently, and the price definitely will not ever go up. I doubt the price will ever go down past 30, if it goes down at all. However, I would say that the price of the expansion pack is definitely worth it for a dedicated World of Warcraft player. It unlocks a whole new continent, unlocks a new class, unlocks epic gear, as well as instances and new world raids. Also, one thing I haven’t mentioned is that there is a new battleground, as well as siege in battlegrounds now. You can bring on battles even by air now.

I would say that if you want this expansion pack, go for it. If you’re already level 70, your character is going to become useless once everyone else is 80, which has pretty much already happened. I suggest buying the expansion pack to give you something to do for the months to come.

Dealing with the Boredom in Runescape

Chances are if you play Runescape at one time or another you’ve found yourself so bored that literally doing nothing is more interesting! Well worry not I have a list of suggestions that you can use to help keep yourself not-bored with.

Music is one of those great things because there’s literally tons of it and no matter how much you’ve heard there’s always more to be heard. I personally listen to a wide variety of music ranging from Lady Gaga to The All-American-Rejects to Basshunter to Taylor Swift, and honestly mostly any other ‘main-stream’ artist you can think of.

Most importantly I listen to all my music for, yes you guessed it, free! Do I use Limewire to download songs? Nope, instead I listen to music off these websites (I will go into some detail about each after I have introduced them) ; Pandora, BlueBeat, and Youtube.

Pandora – Pandora is currently only available to the US, however they’re music is 100% streaming and there is no loading or buffer invovled. That being said though, Pandora does have a 40 hour limit per month after which you can either continue listening without ads for $36 for a year or 99 cents for the rest of the month (the 2nd option still had ads).

BlueBeat – Bluebeat is what I use when I’m not on Pandora, likewise to Pandora, BlueBeat is 100% free and streaming, and unlike Pandora they do not have a time limit. Furthermore BlueBeat (this is my personal opinion) has a wider variety of music/artists and while their pages don’t always load properly they are still a very good option.

Youtube – This should be pretty self-explanatory – simply type in the song you want to listen to and listen to a video with that song on it. This has it’s draw backs though as some record companies have pull their copyrighted material from Youtube. Lame huh? I mean cmon, it’s free advertising.

Talk it Up

Talking with people is a great way to lessen the boredom you’re experiencing – this can be done various ways. So to save both of us some boredom I’m simply going to list these suggestions rather than go into detail. First are foremost try using an IRC – chances are most of your friends use these and you probably don’t even know it. The two IRC’s I would suggest using would be the one that comes with SwiftKit which can be downloaded here or mIRC which can be downloaded here (please note that mIRC is based towards more advanced IRC uses and as such can create serious headaches for those that have no clue what they are doing). Both of these are free and 100% safe – It should be noted that after 30 days you will be prompted by mIRC to register your mIRC, however this is not mandatory (at this time) in order to continue to use mIRC. Some other simplier methods would be to ustilize the free chat systems offered throughYahoo’s Email system, Facebook, or Myspace. All of these are safe and free, and almost always 100% relaible. And lastly, if you have a cell-phone and unlimited texting, well then text away!

Movies/TV (works best with fletching, woodcutting, and fishing)

This should be pretty straight forward, but for anyone feeling a little slow I’ll fill you in on what needs to be done here.

1) Find Movie/Tv Show you want to watch

2) Turn to current channel/Turn the Movie on

3) Watch TV/Movie as you play

If you do not have a TV in the same room as your computer some full lenght shows can be found online – for instance SpongeBob can be found here (and yes I do love SpongeBob lol).

Well I hope you found something that works for you, all these work for me so it’s safe to say at least one should work for you and if none do check out Abduzeedo, there’s always something new and cool on that website.

Guild Wars 2 Review

I’ve been playing MMORPGs for quite some time now, and I have to say, I rarely come across RPGs that I can honestly say I “enjoyed”. Guild Wars 2 is one of those rare RPGs. Right off the bat when you fire the game up, you can tell you’re playing a game that had some serious thought and effort invested into it. ArenaNET did a terrific job with character creation – you get loads of options to choose from to customize your character’s appearance, skills, and one you don’t see in too many other MMORPGs: your character’s “story”. Not only will you progress through the game based on what type of skills your character has, but also your character’s personality, beliefs, and past experiences that you chose during character creation have an impact on your journey through the fantasy world of Tyria.
Guild Wars 2’s PvE ( player versus environment ) is quite unique in that ArenaNET did their very best in eliminating aspects of MMORPGs that felt like a chore. For many years, questing consisted of talking to an NPC ( non-player character ), getting a quest, running halfway across the world, accomplishing whatever task it was that was given to you, and then running all the way back to the same NPC to receive your reward. In Guild Wars 2, quests, in a sense, find you, as they will pop up on your mini-map as you explore the world. And there are no long journeys between NPCs and quest locations – as soon as you complete quests, you are given your reward instantly via the game’s “Mail” feature. With the click of a button, you can read a small message from the NPC that the quest belonged to and receive your gifts.

ArenaNET also took traditional, generic “point and click” combat and threw it out the window. There is no right-clicking and watching your character auto-attack monsters anymore. You attack by using your abilities which are bound to your number keys ( which are also customizable and can be changed to any other key via the options menu ). For example, Warriors have a basic sword strike ability that activates whenever the “1” key is pressed, and if there is an enemy directly in front of you, they will be slashed and suffer a moderate amount of damage. There are also action-based combat mechanics in the game, such as dodging, moving out of an opponents line-of-sight, and even knocking enemies to the ground are commonly used tactics. Fighting in Guild Wars 2 feels fluid and fast-paced as one simple barrel-roll to evade a lethal blow from an enemy can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Guild Wars 2 boasts a total of 8 classes ( and possibly more in the future via expansion packs ) each with their own traits and talents. Choose the path of the Ranger and you will be accompanied by your very own pet that will attack opponents at your command. Or select the life of a Guardian and throw yourself into harm’s way to protect and heal your comrades in the midst of battle. Each class has strengths and weaknesses and understanding them will allow you to make the most of every confrontation. Being an MMORPG where PvP ( player versus player ) is the main focus, knowing your class in Guild Wars 2 becomes even more crucial.

Aside from PvE, Guild Wars 2 has two more modes: Heart of the Mists and World vs World. Heart of the Mists is your average “capture the points” PvP mode where up to 16 people divided into teams of 8 have to maintain control of three areas located on the map. Players can make use of their environment as well – on some stages, there are bodies of water where a fighter near death may dive into to escape certain death, or large catapults that a player can operate to launch giant boulders at the opposition. And to top it off, no leveling is necessary. Upon joining Heart of the Mists, you are instantly boosted to the max level of 80, gain access to all skills and traits, and can start PvPing immediately. World vs World is similar to Heart of the Mists, except battles are much more massive. If you thought 16 players was a lot, imagine 60 on your screen simultaneously slashing and blasting each other for control of a castle, supply depot, or other strategic point. The more a player PvPs in both Heart of the Mists and World vs World, they gain points that they may exchange to unlock special weapons and armor to further customize their character.

As massive and polished as the game is, it isn’t without flaws. Guild Wars 2 severely limited the potential of how many abilities one class can have by restricting abilities to weapons. For instance, a Warrior wielding a Greatsword uses the same 5 Greatsword abilities from level 1 all the way to level 80. You gain 4 new abilities ( such as a heal, or a skill that can stun your opponent ), but during fights, you will still rely primarily on 5 abilities that never change unless you equip another weapon. Guild Wars 2 also had severe balance issues upon release, such as some classes being able to kill enemies almost instantly before their opponents even had a chance to react. A portion of players who reached end-game complained about a lack of content and felt disappointed after their long journey through the game. As a result, Guild Wars 2 is best described as a casual MMORPG. If you’re a hardcore gamer that desires an in-depth dungeon and raiding adventure, Guild Wars 2 may not be the best choice. However, those seeking a fast-paced action MMO focused mainly around PvP with less grinding shouldn’t put off purchasing this game any longer. For these reasons, Guild Wars 2 receives a 4 out of 5.

An Exciting New Game for All RPG and Warhammer Fans

So, finally, after months of wait and a beta with many hiccups and complaints, we all now have the chance to try this new RPG game based on the famous Warhammer series. The never-ending battle between good and evil starts here, with 2 factions to choose: Order or Chaos. You can only be one faction on a specific server, so if you choose to change sides, then a server change is required, too. From the start, it is clear the content has been well-thought-out and distributed. There are plenty of quests available to perform either solo or in a group. The scenarios and public quests are a veritable and refreshing touch of genius.
Scenarios : The game is divided in tiers (tiers determined by your character level) each tier has 3 available scenarios to choose from. All scenarios are PvP (player versus player) which means that once you join your chosen scenario you are then cast in a battle to kill as many opposite players as you can and capture the flags that will enable your faction to win the scenario type. You can do as many as you wish and it’s great fun!

Public quests: They are available throughout the whole game world and once stepping into one you can either help solo or join a group or form a warband even to maximise a successful outcome of the quest. It’s also great fun and anyone can join and rewards can be really good.

I think the developers did a great job of mixing good bits from many other existing rpg games (WoW, LoTR, Everquest as an example) and finally created a game that is great fun for everyone with some innovative ideas and really nice graphics (not as cartoonish as WoW for example). Only gripe really is that it seems that the developers might have put some more effort into the evil side in regard to quests and events as, having tried both sides myself, it just seems more fun to be evil then good.

After the initial login in and stability issues it seems now the game runs quite smoothly and it’s patched regularly. It is very graphic intensive and requires a somewhat higher spec pc to run smoothly at high performance setting but all in all it’s just hours of great wholesome fun and who knows who will be victorious after all…