Rita Reed

An Exciting New Game for All RPG and Warhammer Fans

So, finally, after months of wait and a beta with many hiccups and complaints, we all now have the chance to try this new RPG game based on the famous Warhammer series. The never-ending battle between good and evil starts here, with 2 factions to choose: Order or Chaos. You can only be one faction on a specific server, so if you choose to change sides, then a server change is required, too. From the start, it is clear the content has been well-thought-out and distributed. There are plenty of quests available to perform either solo or in a group. The scenarios and public quests are a veritable and refreshing touch of genius.
Scenarios : The game is divided in tiers (tiers determined by your character level) each tier has 3 available scenarios to choose from. All scenarios are PvP (player versus player) which means that once you join your chosen scenario you are then cast in a battle to kill as many opposite players as you can and capture the flags that will enable your faction to win the scenario type. You can do as many as you wish and it’s great fun!

Public quests: They are available throughout the whole game world and once stepping into one you can either help solo or join a group or form a warband even to maximise a successful outcome of the quest. It’s also great fun and anyone can join and rewards can be really good.

I think the developers did a great job of mixing good bits from many other existing rpg games (WoW, LoTR, Everquest as an example) and finally created a game that is great fun for everyone with some innovative ideas and really nice graphics (not as cartoonish as WoW for example). Only gripe really is that it seems that the developers might have put some more effort into the evil side in regard to quests and events as, having tried both sides myself, it just seems more fun to be evil then good.

After the initial login in and stability issues it seems now the game runs quite smoothly and it’s patched regularly. It is very graphic intensive and requires a somewhat higher spec pc to run smoothly at high performance setting but all in all it’s just hours of great wholesome fun and who knows who will be victorious after all…