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Base Items for Diablo 2 Resurrected


Rune has now become an important part of Diablo 2 Resurrected as it’s now the go-to currency. Similarly, Stone of Jordans has also held its place in the form of currency, and more of them are now dropped into the game.

However, Runes are still the most consistent currency to target, and keeping that in mind, we have taken the initiative to write a guide about the best items to use in Runewords.

Before we begin, you need to know that Runes are used to create Runeword items, which are essential for end-game content, for d2 base items. The Diablo 2 items include Chain of Honor, Breath of the Dying, Enigma, and Infinity. They are known to staple items used for various builds.

Players often look into the actual item bases, such as normal or ethereal items with sockets, that are commonly dropped around the game. But how do we know which of those items are worth keeping? Well, let’s have a look.

Breath of the Dying

Breath of the Dying is one of the best weapons for melee class characters, such as Shapeshifting Druids, Berserker Barbarians, and Zeal Paladins, for d2 base items. It’s utilized to enhance the per second damage output, and it has both Life and Mana steal properties. You can turn it to Ethereal as it is made with a Zod, and it’s known to be an indestructible item.

Besides that, it has a level 20 Poison Nova casting bonus on any enemy you kill, so if you add additional poison damage to your build, then it’ll be a plus point. Breath of the Dying works best with its one-hand form, and it is usually desired in a 6-socket Ethereal Berserker Axe.


Enigma is also known as the Holy Grail of Runewords as it grants the Teleport skill to any class that equips it for D2R Base Items. It’s a perfect armor for any desired build besides Sorceress class as they already have a faster cast rate for teleportation.

As casters like Blessed Hammer Paladins, Trap Assassins, and Elemental Druids are becoming popular in the game, the demand base for Enigma is a light armor that requires the least investment in Strength attribute. That’s primarily why 3-socket Archon Plate and 3-socket Dusk Shroud are the best-suggested items for Enigma.

Heart of the Oak

Hear of the Oak is quite famous among the casters as it offers a good boost to cast rate, resistances, and skills. The only downside is for the Sorceresses, and that might be the +20 Vitality and 50% better chance to locate Magic items in an Oculus Orb, for diablo 2 base items.

Since it’s perfect for any caster, Heart of the Oak is a very sought-after Runeword. Even the value is determined by the Resistance bonus that it offers, as it ranges from 30 to 40 points. The damage output isn’t that important because casters focus on casting rather than smacking.

Damage isn’t a factor that is considered of value in this item, so obtaining the lowest possible stats is best. That’s because you don’t want Dexterity or Strength attributes to be demanding while utilizing them, for diablo 2 base items. The best-suggested choice for this Runeword would be the 5-socket Flail, as it doesn’t demand high attribute points investment.


Infinity is also quite sought-after by many classes due to the Lightning damage that it offers. It amplifies the Lightning damage with the aura it provides to the owner, as well as reduces Lightning resistance in enemy opponents for D2R Base Items.

Infinity is unlike Heart of the Oak where you have to center around the Attack Speed and Damage output. You need to ensure that your Mercenary does viable damage, making 4-socket Ethereal Thresher the best choice for this Runeword. You don’t need much investment in Strength for your Mercenary, and Attack Speed is more than enough for high damage output.


The most popular shield among the casters is Spirit, and there’s nothing that can beat its Faster Cast Rate, Skill, and Resistance bonus. If you’re curious about whether you can wield a Spirit weapon along with a Spirit shield, then the answer is an obvious yes. Nothing beats the pair of two Spirit items in early or mid-game.

Since it’s a heavy damage-oriented item, you need to look for items that have low Strength or Dexterity, along with 5-sockets. A good suggestion would be the 5-socket Crystal Swords as they look amazing and require fewer attribute points investment. The only non-paladin orient shield like the Heraldic Shield with 4-sockets is the Monarch Shield, which requires 156 Strength. It’s best that you gather charms or gear the offers a Strength bonus so that your points can be invested in Vitality instead.