Dealing with the Boredom in Runescape

Chances are if you play Runescape at one time or another you’ve found yourself so bored that literally doing nothing is more interesting! Well worry not I have a list of suggestions that you can use to help keep yourself not-bored with.

Music is one of those great things because there’s literally tons of it and no matter how much you’ve heard there’s always more to be heard. I personally listen to a wide variety of music ranging from Lady Gaga to The All-American-Rejects to Basshunter to Taylor Swift, and honestly mostly any other ‘main-stream’ artist you can think of.

Most importantly I listen to all my music for, yes you guessed it, free! Do I use Limewire to download songs? Nope, instead I listen to music off these websites (I will go into some detail about each after I have introduced them) ; Pandora, BlueBeat, and Youtube.

Pandora – Pandora is currently only available to the US, however they’re music is 100% streaming and there is no loading or buffer invovled. That being said though, Pandora does have a 40 hour limit per month after which you can either continue listening without ads for $36 for a year or 99 cents for the rest of the month (the 2nd option still had ads).

BlueBeat – Bluebeat is what I use when I’m not on Pandora, likewise to Pandora, BlueBeat is 100% free and streaming, and unlike Pandora they do not have a time limit. Furthermore BlueBeat (this is my personal opinion) has a wider variety of music/artists and while their pages don’t always load properly they are still a very good option.

Youtube – This should be pretty self-explanatory – simply type in the song you want to listen to and listen to a video with that song on it. This has it’s draw backs though as some record companies have pull their copyrighted material from Youtube. Lame huh? I mean cmon, it’s free advertising.

Talk it Up

Talking with people is a great way to lessen the boredom you’re experiencing – this can be done various ways. So to save both of us some boredom I’m simply going to list these suggestions rather than go into detail. First are foremost try using an IRC – chances are most of your friends use these and you probably don’t even know it. The two IRC’s I would suggest using would be the one that comes with SwiftKit which can be downloaded here or mIRC which can be downloaded here (please note that mIRC is based towards more advanced IRC uses and as such can create serious headaches for those that have no clue what they are doing). Both of these are free and 100% safe – It should be noted that after 30 days you will be prompted by mIRC to register your mIRC, however this is not mandatory (at this time) in order to continue to use mIRC. Some other simplier methods would be to ustilize the free chat systems offered throughYahoo’s Email system, Facebook, or Myspace. All of these are safe and free, and almost always 100% relaible. And lastly, if you have a cell-phone and unlimited texting, well then text away!

Movies/TV (works best with fletching, woodcutting, and fishing)

This should be pretty straight forward, but for anyone feeling a little slow I’ll fill you in on what needs to be done here.

1) Find Movie/Tv Show you want to watch

2) Turn to current channel/Turn the Movie on

3) Watch TV/Movie as you play

If you do not have a TV in the same room as your computer some full lenght shows can be found online – for instance SpongeBob can be found here (and yes I do love SpongeBob lol).

Well I hope you found something that works for you, all these work for me so it’s safe to say at least one should work for you and if none do check out Abduzeedo, there’s always something new and cool on that website.