OSRS Splashing Guide


OSRS offers various methods to train your Magic skill, and one of such methods is quite popular among players, known as Splashing. This method includes the casting of combat spells with low magic accuracy. Even though the damage dealt is at a minimum or no damage at all, the method still offers experience. Before we get started, let’s discuss in brief the term Splashing and how it can be implemented.


Before you start Splashing osrs, you need to ensure that you’re wearing the necessary items that will bring your magic to -64. For instance, you can wear an armor set like Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, or Rune (Depending on your combat skills). Along with the set, you can equip Snakeskin Boots, Snakeskin Vambraces, and an elemental staff to reduce the unnecessary usage of runes while auto casting spells.

In any case, if you don’t have 40 Ranged – instead of using an Elemental Staff, you can choose to equip a Cursed Goblin Staff from Diango wandering around the town square in the Draynor Village. If you’re a member, you can choose to go for Granite Equipment with a different Plate Body. Now let’s get further into the Old School Runescape splashing guide.


Normally, Splashing is used against NPCs that aren’t able to deplete your HP, and that’s why most players prefer fighting against Seagulls and Rats. If you’re willing to go for Seagulls, you can find them at Port Piscarilius and Port Sarim, and Rats are basically everyone (Lumbridge). You can also choose to Splash on other monsters that you feel fit, however, these are the best options, because there are areas that offer zero experience if the Magic is too low to deal damage.

Rates & Strategies

The most initial stage in this osrs splashing guide is to figure out what rates each spell provides because there are certain spells that are quite useful than the others. For instance, you have the ability to use Wind Strike at level 1 with the help of Air and Mind runes. The rate of casting this spell is 8 coins, but it can be reduced using an Elemental Staff. Doing so will grant you about 6,600 Experiences per hour.

At a later stage, you can switch to better spells for osrs splash training, such as Fire Wave at level 75, granting 51,000 Experience per hour, Water Surge at level 85, granting 55,800 Experience per hour, Earth Surge at level 90, granting 58,200 Experience per hour, and Fire Surge at level 95, granting 60,600 Experience per hour.

Useful Information

If you’re not familiar, let me bring it to your notice that each game tick stands at 0.6 seconds, and when you’re using a magic combat spell, it takes a total of 5 ticks. So, if you look at the bigger picture, you are able to splash 1200 combat spells per hour, and the cost will depend entirely upon the spell you’re using (because you will have to purchase runes). In terms of Wind-Related spells, the cost of purchasing an Elemental Staff would be more than the air and other elemental runes required to get through the starting levels.

Ancient Magicks Splashing Technique

You can start with the Ancient Magicks Splashing osrs method from level 50 magic (Smoke Rush). It uses Chaos and Death runes, along with Air and Fire, and the base experience cast is 30, which will grant you a total of 36,000 Experience per hour. In terms of the other spells, the experience will increase as you gain higher levels. For instance, at level 80, you can use Blood Blitz, granting 54,000 Experience per hour, Ice Blitz at level 82, granting 55,200 Experience per hour, Smoke Barrage at level 86, granting 57,600 Experience per hour, Shadow Barrage at level 88, granting 58,800 Experience per hour, Blood Barrage at level 92, granting 60,000+ Experience per hour, and Ice Barrage at level 94, granting 62,400 Experience per hour.

Considering how many splashes it is going to take to reach level 99 Magic; Wind Strike will take 2,367,467 splashes, Fire Wave will take 317,135 splashes, Fire Surge will take 301,246 splashes, etc. The time will entirely depend upon how much you’re willing to offer to the game during your free hours.