World of Warcraft: Reasons to Buy the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion

Blizzard tends to love releasing new expansion packs to all of their games. In some genres, it seems as if the expansion packs really don’t add much, and they cost nearly as much as the regular game. But I would say that in the World of Warcraft, the expansion packs are definitely going to make a significant difference in your game play, as well as make the game MUCH more fun and fulfilling to the player in the long run.
With the newest expansion, The Wrath of the Lich King, a new class is unlocked. The Death Knight is a powerful class, however beware. On many realms, the death knight is extremely over populated. I plan on making a death knight soon, but I don’t like how many other death knights there are out there. Regardless, it’ll be fun to try something new. The expansion unlocks an entire new class you can have fun, and this can make the game much more fun.

Northrend is an entire new contienent. This is about the same size as the outlands, and will open many new questing opportunities. You’ll have a lot more exploring to do, a new major town, basically replacing shattrah, and the adventure continues. Grow your character to level 80 now out in this new world, and have a blast doing it. Your character is now going to be even more powerful than ever before.

There are also many new raids and instances in the expansion, which will give players excellent gear and some awesome fun while leveling their characters into the 70’s. There is also the newest tier 7 gear, which can be obtained by running 10 and 25 man raids, and you will become some of the most powerful characters in the game through the use of this extremely powerful gear.

Professions are also now much better, you can get your maximum level to 450 now, and you’ll be able to craft and gather many more materials and gear. It will definitely give you something to do, and will be a great way to get you back into having fun and getting money through the use of your professions.

The new expansion pack is 40 dollars currently, and the price definitely will not ever go up. I doubt the price will ever go down past 30, if it goes down at all. However, I would say that the price of the expansion pack is definitely worth it for a dedicated World of Warcraft player. It unlocks a whole new continent, unlocks a new class, unlocks epic gear, as well as instances and new world raids. Also, one thing I haven’t mentioned is that there is a new battleground, as well as siege in battlegrounds now. You can bring on battles even by air now.

I would say that if you want this expansion pack, go for it. If you’re already level 70, your character is going to become useless once everyone else is 80, which has pretty much already happened. I suggest buying the expansion pack to give you something to do for the months to come.